one soft serve please. hold the pig fat

800px-Ice_Cream_Truck_Sydney_Australia_-_cropone of the things i loved about summer when i was growing up was the sound of the mr whippy van. my ears would prick up, even when the van was miles away, wishing for him to come along my street. i’d listen intently for signs that he was getting closer. we’d run and ask if we could get an ice-cream and if the answer was yes, quickly get the money before he drove past and left us ice creamless. we didn’t always get ice cream even if he did come along our street, but when we did it was like christmas. back in the day, there wasn’t a lot of variety and i would get a single serve, sometimes i’d lash out and get a choc top, but the single serve was my favourite.

fast forward a few years and mr whippy visited less and less and mcdonalds popped up with their 30 cent cones. i loved soft serve! and only 30 cents a cone! then rumours started about mcdonalds soft serve being made from pig fat and i liked soft serve less and less. every now and then i’d buy one and try to ignore the pig fat rumours but the ice-cream became a little less enjoyable (with the research i’ve since done i couldn’t find any proof that there is pig fat in mcdonalds soft serve. there are mono and diglycerides – which are fat, so this could be where the rumours came from).

when i became vegan soft serve became one of those things that i thought i would never have again. whilst i didn’t crave soft serve, it was resigned to being a memory of long, hot, childhood summer days in sydney.

but can you believe it? it doesn’t have to be a memory any longer! i was linked to an instagram picture of soft serve made from coconut water! and the cafe that was serving it was just down the road. i couldn’t contain my excitement. how long had it been since i’ve had soft serve? there was no time to work that out, just time enough to get myself to BSKT at Nobby Beach. BSKT is a fairly new cafe that serves amazing, organic food and i couldn’t wait to go again to try this new delicious bowl of soft serve.

they claim to be gluten, dairy, lactose free, as well as organic with no added sugar. i went on sunday to try out this little bowl of goodness, then returned on monday just to make sure it wasn’t a mirage.

all i can say is




you have to try this. it doesn’t taste like coconut at all. it tastes like soft serve, maybe a little lighter. did i say you should try this. seriously.

this one is served with muesli and maca powder.

this is not a sponsored post, although if BSKT wants to give me free soft serve, just comment below.

do you have a favourite food memory from your childhood?

5 thoughts on “one soft serve please. hold the pig fat

  1. Soft serve was called “Snow Cream” when I was a young girl – some 60 years ago. I remember Dad giving me two shillings (20cents) some rare Sundays to walk about 200 metres down street at Bronte to purchase three double header Snow Creams. One each for my parents and one for me. Then I would run like mad up the street home, with the Snow Creams melting over my hands. Yes Amanda that was a treat and yes I still enjoy Soft Serve these days.

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